The Phijkchu cult Wiki

Welcome to the PHIJKCHU wiki.

I am closing down the wiki- Pikachu 2017. 

Fuck Rob tbh - Pikachu late 2017 

Fuck PHIJKCHU tbh = Pikachu, early 2018 

The discord is a failed state and should be sunsetted - Pikachu, late 2018 

Everything is fine = Pikachu, mid 2019 

hahahahahahahahahahahaha Fuck Rob- Pikachu, the death of Rob 2019  

Lmao - Pikachu, 2021

Watch Bomberman Jetters - Klombak 2023

10/10, best meme.

Time to dududududududududududududududududududelduduel


The link

Rules of the Wiki (as declared by Pikachu) and should be obvious to everyone

1-Do not add anything that is bad (porn, ect)

2-Do not mess with other peoples posts unless it is either A, funny for both you and them, or B, the post is factually incorrect

3-You must recognize PHIJKCHU as the best cult in the world and be honored to even be in our presence.

4-If you are unsure of something, and do not know how to do it, ask Pikachu.

5-Join the Discord because we're bored and want new people to talk to :P